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Order Cancellation/Address change Policy

After submitting your order you have 30 minutes to cancel it or change the delivery address by contacting us via email or phone.


Our system is designed to expedite all orders directly with our warehouse for a fast pick up and shipping.  

We will inform you via email, and a refund confirmation will be placed immediately to your payment method.

After 30 minutes, cancellations or address updates are no longer possible as your order has already been sent to our fulfillment center. However, we may send your request to our fulfillment center, and they might try to cancel it from their end; there is a non disputed charge deducted from the refund as follows: 

- $3 Order slip that has been printed by our warehouse.
- $5 Picking process started but not completed by our warehouse.
- $20 Orders that have been sent to the shipping station.

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